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ProMadeEasyWhat will happen next?
Prophecy Made Easy is a 256 page book with 32 exciting chapters.  You will discover what God tells us will happen next. You will learn God's last message that is now going "to every nation, tribe, language and people" to prepare a people for the coming overwhelming crisis.  Revelation 14:6.

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The last book of the Bible, Revelation, reveals God's great love for you as no other book can! It reveals God's love to you in both history and prophecy.

In order to understand the future, the great Bible prophecies, we must understand the past. History and Prophecy are bound tightly together. They are twins. History is prophecy in reverse and prophecy is history in advance. It is impossible to have a correct understanding of either when separated from its twin.

Jesus says, about the book of Revelation,  . . .

"Blessed is the one who reads and hears and takes to heart what is written in it, because the time is near." Revelation 1:3

You can now go behind the headlines. Prophecy Made Easy reveals what is really happening! It reveals "The rest of the story." It allows you to experience the future before it happens! It reveals the story that newspapers can't tell you! Haven't you ever wanted to get tomorrow's news today? That is exactly what you are getting in Prophecy Made Easy! Don't miss reading this exciting book! Don't miss understanding, for the first time, what the newspapers can't tell you.

Discover the real story behind the movies "Left Behind," "Star Wars," and "Raiders of the Lost Ark!" What is "the ark" and what does it have to do with prophecy? You will be amazed as you find the answers to these questions in "Prophecy Made Easy."

You will also be amazed as you discover the true meaning of life! What is actually going to happen the moment you die?

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Twelve Reasons to read Prophecy Made Easy

Prophecy Made Easy :

  1. has solid evidence (50 prophecies) that proves the existence of God in chapter one.
  2. 1,000 years in advance the prophet David foretold the crucifixion of Christ Psalm 22:16.
  3. 700 years in advance the prophet Micah foretold that Christ would be born in Bethlehem, Micah 5:2.
  4. 500 years in advance the prophet Daniel foretold the year Christ would by baptized, A.D. 27.
  5. 500 years in advance the prophet Daniel foretold the year Christ would be crucified, A.D. 31.
  6. 50 prophecies  (in chapter one) like those above, provide evidence that God is real and knows the future and so can you.
  7. is scripturally sound with over 1,000 Bible texts.
  8. explains God's last message from Daniel and Revelation.
  9. clearly foretells the events preceding the second coming of Christ.
  10. clearly explains how to be ready to meet Christ.
  11. makes the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation easy to understand.
  12. Is FREE to read, right here, on the internet!

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