Peacefinders - Full Set

The Peacefinders felt-need booklet series was developed to address the stresses and crises that many face in a practical, biblically based way. Set of 14 titles (16 pages each)
Sales price: $3.50
Description In many families there are pressing needs that cry out for solutionss. For some the need is financial. They are out of work and wondering how they are going to make ends meet. For others it’s relational. There is trouble in the marriage or with the children. Some have lost a spouse or a child. They are looking for support in the grieving process. In every home there is some felt need that needs to be ministered to. The Peacefinders felt-need booklet series was developed to address many of those needs in a practical, biblically based way. Consists of 14 titles that are each 16 pages. These booklets help individuals find biblical answeres to some of lifes most pressing issues. Available Titles: You Can Stop Smoking, No If's, ands, or BUTTS Addiction Free: Stepping on the Road to Recovery Ten Ways to Improve Your Marriage A Dozen Ways to Defeat Loneliness Hope In Times of Trouble Money Management: Seven Biblical Secrets for Achieving Financial Security Survival Tips for Single Parenting Stress Management: A Dozen Stress Busters that Really Work Living With Loss: Ten Steps to Grief Recovery Successful Parenting: 8 Ways to Bring Out the Best in Your Family Life After Death: Your Questions Answered The Healing of Sorrow: 8 Ways to Find Comfort in Spite of Sorrow Gentle Ways to Ease Depression: How to Get Up When You're Down Medical Miracle: Prayer, Faith & Divine Healing

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